libpipewire-module-protocol-simple - Man Page

Protocol Simple


The simple protocol provides a bidirectional audio stream on a network socket.

It is meant to be used with the simple protocol player app, available on Android to play and record a stream.

Each client that connects will create a capture and/or playback stream, depending on the configuration options.

Module Name


Module Options

General Options

Options with well-known behavior.

By default the server will work with stereo 16 bits samples at 44.1KHz.

Example Configuration

context.modules = [
{   name = libpipewire-module-protocol-simple
    args = {
        # Provide capture stream, clients can capture data from PipeWire
        capture = true
        # Provide playback stream, client can send data to PipeWire for playback
        playback = true
        # The node name or id to use for capture.
        #capture.node = null
        # To make the capture stream capture the monitor ports
        #stream.capture.sink = false
        # The node name or id to use for playback.
        #playback.node = null
        #audio.rate = 44100
        #audio.format = S16
        #audio.channels = 2
        #audio.position = [ FL FR ]
        # The addresses this server listens on for new
        # client connections
        server.address = [

Referenced By


1.0.3 PipeWire