kyua-tap-interface man page

tap-interface — Description of the TAP test program interface


The Test Anything Protocol is a simple text-based protocol that allows the communication of a test program with a test engine as part of the test's execution. More details on the protocol can be found here:

A TAP-compliant test program has one or more test cases, although unfortunately it is not possible to query what these are without actually running the tests. The practical implication of this is that Kyua will treat all bundled tests as a single unit.

The results of a TAP test program are one of the following:


If all test cases within the program report ‘ok’.


If all test cases within the program report ‘not ok’.


If the output of the test program is not well-formed according to the TAP specification, or if the test program crashes or times out.

TAP-compliant test programs are executed with the same isolation features as ATF test programs; see kyua-atf-interface(7).

See Also

kyua-test(1), kyuafile(5), kyua-atf-interface(7)

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November 25, 2012