kyua-plain-interface man page

plain-interface ā€” Description of the plain test program interface


The plain test interface is the interface of test programs that return their pass/fail status as an exit code. While simple, this interface is what legacy test programs use and what test programs written with many other testing libraries use too.

Kyua supports this interface for two main reasons: first, to simplify the incorporation of legacy test programs into a Kyua test suite; and, second, to ensure that the Kyua run-time engine does not become tied to a particular test interface.

The results of a plain test are one of the following:


If the test program exits with a success exit code; i.e. 0.


If the test program exits with a failure exit code; i.e. not 0.


If the test program exits due to any other reason (e.g. it crashes) or if it fails to be executed.

Plain test programs are executed with the same isolation features as ATF test programs; see kyua-atf-interface(7).

See Also

kyua-test(1), kyuafile(5), kyua-atf-interface(7)

Referenced By

kyuafile(5), kyua-plain-tester(1), kyua-tester(1).

September 9, 2012