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kf5options - Man Page

Common commandline options for all applications based on KDE Frameworks 5


KDE application [-h--help] [-v--version] [--author] [--license] [--desktopfile file name]


The following options apply to all KDE applications:

-h --help

This lists the options available at the command line.

-v --version

Lists version information for KDE application.


Lists KDE application authors in the terminal window.


Shows license information.

--desktopfile file name

The base file name of the desktop entry for this application.

This is in particular useful for wrapper applications and applications having in general multiple desktop files. Thus each desktop file can put its own name into the exec command.

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Man page originally written by Lauri Watts <lauri@kde.org> for kdelibs4

Updated to Frameworks 5 by Burkhard Lück <lueck@hube-lueck.de>


Lauri Watts <lauri@kde.org>


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2016-05-13 KDE Frameworks Frameworks 5.22 Frameworks Command Line Docume