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java_remove_annotations - Man Page

remove imports and annotations from Java source files


%java_remove_annotations [optional flags] <matcher>... [file path]...


This macro removes import statements as well as usage of annotations from Java source files. The does the same as java_remove_imports and on top of that finds all uses of annotations and matches the content between the '@' symbol and either ending with whitespace or with an opening parethesis '(' (the annotation arguments).

In case of match, the script also removes the block of paretheses that follows the matched annotation, if it is present.

File path arguments are handled the following way:

Arguments can be specified in arbitrary order.

Matcher is one of:

-n <name>

Simple class name to be matched against the simple names of imported symbols. Names are matched for exact equality. Can be specified multiple times.

-p <pattern>

Regex patterns to be matched against imported symbols. Each imported symbol found in the code is matched against each pattern. Can be specified multiple times.

Optional flags:
-s, --strict

Fail if any of the user provided arguments were redundant.


Example of usage in a .spec file:

%java_remove_annotations src -n Nullable

Examples of patterns:

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported through the issue tracker at GitHub: https://github.com/fedora-java/jurand/issues.


Written by Marián Konček.

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