java_remove_annotations - Man Page

remove imports and annotations from Java source files


%java_remove_annotations [list of file paths]... [-n <list of class names>...] [-p <list of patterns>...]


This macro removes import statements as well as usage of annotations from Java source files. The does the same as java_remove_imports and on top of that finds all uses of annotations and matches the content between the @ symbol and either ending with whitespace or with an opening parethesis (.

In case of match, the script also removes the block of paretheses that follows the matched annotation, if it is present.

If the file path is a directory, recursively finds all Java source files inside. If not specified, runs in the current working directory.


List of simple class names to be matched against the simple names of imported symbols. Names are matched for exact equality.


List of patterns to be matched against found annotations. The script uses the string.find function from Lua to match each found annotation against every pattern.


Example of usage:

%java_remove_annotations -n Nullable

Examples of patterns:


Written by Marián Konček.

Reporting Bugs

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