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hnsdv - Man Page


hnsdv ā€” Direct verbs for hns devices

This provides low level access to hns devices to perform direct operations, without general branching performed by libibverbs.


The libibverbs API is an abstract one. It is agnostic to any underlying provider specific implementation. While this abstraction has the advantage of user applications portability it has a performance penalty. Besides, some provider specific features that are directly facing users are not available through libibverbs. For some applications these demands are more important than portability.

The hns direct verbs API is intended for such applications. It exposes hns specific low level operations, allowing the application to bypass the libibverbs API and enable some hns specific features.

The direct include of hnsdv.h together with linkage to hns library will allow usage of this new interface.

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Junxian Huang <huangjunxian6@hisilicon.com>

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2024-02-06 HNS Direct Verbs Manual