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The Verbs Fabric Provider


The verbs provider enables applications using OFI to be run over any verbs hardware (Infiniband, iWarp, etc). It uses the Linux Verbs API for network transport and provides a translation of OFI calls to appropriate verbs API calls. It uses librdmacm for communication management and libibverbs for other control and data transfer operations.

Supported Features

The verbs provider supports a subset of OFI features.

Endpoint types : FI_EP_MSG, FI_EP_RDM (Experimental support FI_TAGGED and FI_RMA interfaces).

Endpoint capabilities : FI_MSG, FI_RMA, FI_ATOMIC.

Modes : Verbs provider requires applications to support the following modes: * FI_LOCAL_MR for all applications. * FI_RX_CQ_DATA for applications that want to use RMA. Applications must take responsibility of posting receives for any incoming CQ data. * FI_CONTEXT for applications making uses of the experimental FI_EP_RDM capability.

Addressing Formats : Supported addresing formats include FI_SOCKADDR, FI_SOCKADDR_IN, FI_SOCKADDR_IN6, FI_SOCKADDR_IB

Progress : Verbs provider supports FI_PROGRESS_AUTO: Asynchronous operations make forward progress automatically.

Operation flags : Verbs provider supports FI_INJECT, FI_COMPLETION, FI_REMOTE_CQ_DATA.

Msg Ordering : Verbs provider support the following messaging ordering on the TX side: * Read after Read * Read after Write * Read after Send * Write after Write * Write after Send * Send after Write * Send after Send


CQ : cq_readfrom operations are not supported.

Memory Regions : Only FI_MR_BASIC mode is supported. Adding regions via s/g list is not supported. Generic fi_mr_regattr is not supported. No support for binding memory regions to a counter.

Wait objects : Only FI_WAIT_FD wait object is supported. Wait sets are not supported.

Resource Management : Application has to make sure CQs are not overrun as this cannot be detected by the provider.

RDM : The RDM support for verbs have the following limitations: * iWARP is not supported yet. * Supports iovs of only size 1. * Max data transfer size is 1 GB * Not thread safe. * Data and flags arguments are ignored

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