fi_rxm man page

fi_rxm ā€” The RxM (RDM over MSG) Utility Provider


The RxM provider (ofi_rxm) is an utility provider that supports RDM endpoint emulated over MSG endpoint of a core provider.


RxM provider requires the core provider to support the following features:

Supported Features

The RxM provider currently supports FI_MSG, FI_TAGGED and FI_RMA capabilities.

Endpoint types : The provider supports only FI_EP_RDM.

Endpoint capabilities : The following data transfer interface is supported: FI_MSG, FI_TAGGED, FI_RMA.

Progress : The RxM provider supports FI_PROGRESS_AUTO.

Addressing Formats : FI_SOCKADDR, FI_SOCKADDR_IN

Memory Region : FI_MR_VIRT_ADDR, FI_MR_ALLOCATED, FI_MR_PROV_KEY MR mode bits would be required from the app in case the core provider requires it.


When using RxM provider, some limitations from the underlying MSG provider could also show up. Please refer to the corresponding MSG provider man pages to find about those limitations.

Unsupported features

RxM provider does not support the following features:

  • op_flags: FI_FENCE.
  • Scalable endpoints
  • Shared contexts
  • Authorization keys
  • Application error data buffers
  • Multicast
  • Reporting unknown source addr data as part of completions
  • Triggered operations

Auto progress

When sending large messages, an app doing an sread or waiting on the CQ file descriptor may not get a completion when reading the CQ after being woken up from the wait. The app has to do sread or wait on the file descriptor again.

Runtime Parameters

The ofi_rxm provider checks for the following environment variables.

FI_OFI_RXM_BUFFER_SIZE : Defines the transmit buffer size / inject size. Messages of size less than this would be transmitted via an eager protocol and those above would be transmitted via a rendezvous protocol. Transmit data would be copied up to this size (default: ~16k).

FI_OFI_RXM_COMP_PER_PROGRESS : Defines the maximum number of MSG provider CQ entries (default: 1) that would be read per progress (RxM CQ read).

See Also

fabric(7), fi_provider(7), fi_getinfo(3)



Referenced By


2018-02-19 Libfabric Programmer's Manual Libfabric v1.6.2