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dnf5-forcearch - Man Page

Forcearch Parameter


The --forcearch=<arch> parameter overrides the system architecture detected by DNF 5. It allows querying repositories for packages not compatible with your host system and installing them. Any architecture can be specified, but using a package with an architecture not supported natively by your CPU will require emulation of some kind, e.g. using qemu-user-static.

--forcearch is supported by the following commands: distro-sync, download, group, Ā info, install, list, makecache, repo, repoquery, search, and swap.


dnf5 install --forcearch=aarch64 my-example-package

Installs the version of my-example-package for the AArch64 architecture, regardless of the architecture of the host system.

dnf5 download --forcearch=s390x hello

Downloads the hello package for the s390x architecture.

dnf5 repoquery --forcearch=aarch64 --arch=aarch64

Query all packages available for the AArch64 architecture. If your system has a different native architecture, then both --arch and --forcearch are necessary here. --arch will filter for only packages with the aarch64 architecture, and --forcearch sets the "arch" and "basearch" substitution variables to ensure the correct repositories are queried.


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By


The man page dnf-forcearch(7) is an alias of dnf5-forcearch(7).

Jun 26, 2024 dnf5