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dnf5-comps - Man Page

Comps Groups And Environments


Comps files are used for grouping of packages into functional groups. They are stored in repository metadata files under the comps.xml filename.

There are two types of structures that can be used for grouping. The first is a group which is composed of lists of packages. The second one is an environment that is composed from the groups.

Each environment is made of mandatory and optional groups. All mandatory groups have to be installed, so the environment is marked as installed. Optional groups are not installed by default, they have to be added using the --with-optional argument.

In the group, there are four levels of packages:

These are the essential packages for the functionality of the group.
These have to be installed for the group to be considered installed.
These are packages installed together with mandatory packages.
They can be excluded, f.e. using the --exclude=PACKAGE-SPEC,... argument.
These packages are not installed by default.
They can be included using the --with-optional argument.
These packages are brought in the transaction if their required package is to be installed.

For commands operating with groups and environments, see references below.

See Also

dnf5-group(8), Group command
dnf5-environment(8), Environment command


See AUTHORS.md in dnf5 source distribution.

Referenced By

dnf5(8), dnf5-environment(8), dnf5-group(8), dnf5-mark(8).

The man page dnf-comps(7) is an alias of dnf5-comps(7).

Jun 26, 2024 dnf5