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ct.7ossl - Man Page

Certificate Transparency


 #include <openssl/ct.h>


This library implements Certificate Transparency (CT) verification for TLS clients, as defined in RFC 6962. This verification can provide some confidence that a certificate has been publicly logged in a set of CT logs.

By default, these checks are disabled. They can be enabled using SSL_CTX_enable_ct(3) or SSL_enable_ct(3).

This library can also be used to parse and examine CT data structures, such as Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCTs), or to read a list of CT logs. There are functions for: - decoding and encoding SCTs in DER and TLS wire format. - printing SCTs. - verifying the authenticity of SCTs. - loading a CT log list from a CONF file.

See Also

d2i_SCT_LIST(3), CTLOG_STORE_new(3), CTLOG_STORE_get0_log_by_id(3), SCT_new(3), SCT_print(3), SCT_validate(3), SCT_validate(3), CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3), SSL_CTX_set_ct_validation_callback(3)


The ct library was added in OpenSSL 1.1.0.

Referenced By

CTLOG_new.3ossl(3), CTLOG_STORE_get0_log_by_id.3ossl(3), CTLOG_STORE_new.3ossl(3), CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new.3ossl(3), o2i_SCT_LIST.3ossl(3), SCT_new.3ossl(3), SCT_print.3ossl(3), SCT_validate.3ossl(3).

2024-04-04 3.2.1 OpenSSL