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courier-unicode - Man Page

Courier Unicode Library


#include <courier-unicode.h>


This library implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard[1]. This library uses iconv(3)[2] to convert text in a given character set to unicode. Any character set displayed by iconv --list can be specified for the corresponding character set parameter. Additionally, courier-unicode.h defines a special character string unicode_x_imap_modutf7 that specifies the pseudo-character set for the modified-UTF7 encoding used in IMAP. This string can also be appended by a space, and up to fifteen additional US-ASCII characters. The resulting character set also encodes these additional characters, in addition to unicode characters, with modified-UTF7.

The C++ compiler must have C++11 support. Minimum usable version of gcc appears to be gcc 4.4 with the -std=c++0x flag. Current versions of gcc use C++11, or higher, by default and do not require extra flags. Consult the packaging documentation for the Courier Unicode Library for information on any compiler flags that are needed to build software that links with this library.

See Also

unicode_bidi(3), unicode_canonical(3), unicode_category_lookup(3), unicode_convert(3), unicode_default_chset(3), unicode_emoji_lookup(3), unicode_html40ent_lookup(3), unicode_grapheme_break(3), unicode_line_break(3), unicode_script(3), unicode_uc(3), unicode_word_break(3), unicode::bidi(3), unicode::canonical(3), unicode::iconvert::convert(3), unicode::iconvert::convert_tocase(3), unicode::iconvert::fromu(3), unicode::iconvert::tou(3), unicode::tolower(3), unicode::linebreak(3), unicode::wordbreak(3).


Sam Varshavchik



  1. Unicode Standard
  2. iconv(3)

Referenced By

unicode::bidi(3), unicode_bidi(3), unicode::canonical(3), unicode_canonical(3), unicode_category_lookup(3), unicode_default_chset(3), unicode_emoji_lookup(3), unicode_grapheme_break(3), unicode_html40ent_lookup(3), unicode::iconvert::convert(3), unicode::iconvert::convert_tocase(3), unicode::iconvert::fromu(3), unicode::iconvert::tou(3), unicode_line_break(3), unicode::linebreak_callback_base(3), unicode_script(3), unicode::tolower(3), unicode_uc(3), unicode_u_ucs4_native(3), unicode_wb_init(3), unicode::wordbreak_callback_base(3).

05/31/2022 Courier Unicode Library