cdist-type__xymon_server - Man Page

Install a Xymon server


This cdist type installs a Xymon ( server and (optional) required helper packages.

This includes the Xymon client as a dependency, so NO NEED to install __xymon_client separately.

To access the webinterface a webserver is required.  The cdist-type __xymon_apache can be used to install and configure the apache webserver for the use with Xymon.

Further and day-to-day configuration of Xymon can either be done manually in /etc/xymon/ or the directory can be deployed and managed by __xymon_config.

Required Parameters


Optional Parameters


'present', 'absent', defaults to 'present'. If '--install_helpers' is specified for 'absent' the helper packages will be un-installed.

Boolean Parameters


Install helper packages used by Xymon (fping, heirloom-mailx, traceroute, ntpdate).


# minmal

# the same
__xymon_server --state present

# also install helper packages:
__xymon_server --install_helpers

# examples to give a more complete picture: __xymon_server installed on
# `` w/ IP
# install webserver and grant 2 private subnets access to the webinterface:
__xymon_apache --ipacl ""
# deploy server-configuration with __xymon_config:

# install xymon-client on other machines (not needed on the server):
__xymon_client --servers ""

See Also

cdist__xymon_apache(7), cdist__xymon_config(7), cdist__xymon_client(7), xymon(7)


Thomas Eckert <>


Copyright (C) 2018-2019 Thomas Eckert. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Jul 31, 2022 7.0.0 cdist