cdist-type__uci - Man Page

Manage configuration values in UCI


This cdist type can be used to alter configuration options in OpenWrt's Unified Configuration Interface (UCI) system.

Required Parameters


The value to be set. Can be used multiple times. This parameter is ignored if --state is absent.

Due to the way cdist handles arguments, values must not contain newline characters.

Values do not need special quoting for UCI. The only requirement is that the value is passed to the type as a single shell argument.

Optional Parameters


present or absent, defaults to present.


If the type should generate an option or a list. One of: option or list. Defaults to auto-detect based on the number of --value parameters.

Boolean Parameters



# Set the system hostname
__uci system.@system[0].hostname --value 'OpenWrt'

# Set DHCP option 252: tell DHCP clients to not ask for proxy information.
__uci dhcp.lan.dhcp_option --type list --value '252,"\n"'

# Enable NTP and NTPd (each is applied individually)
__uci system.ntp.enabled --value 1
__uci system.ntp.enable_server --value 1
__uci system.ntp.server --type list \
    --value '' \
    --value '' \
    --value '' \
    --value ''

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