cdist-type__staged_file - Man Page

Manage staged files


Manages a staged file that is downloaded on the server (the machine running cdist) and then deployed to the target host using the __file type.

Required Parameters


the URL from which to retrieve the source file. e.g.


the output of running the command: cksum $source-file e.g.:

$ echo foobar > /tmp/foobar
$ cksum /tmp/foobar
857691210 7 /tmp/foobar

If either checksum or file size has changed the file will be (re)fetched from the --source. The file name can be omitted and is ignored if given.

Optional Parameters


the command used to fetch the staged file using printf formatting. Where a single %s will be replaced with the value of the given --source parameter. The --fetch-command is expected to output the fetched file to stdout. Defaults to 'curl -s -L "%s"'.


see cdist-type__file


see cdist-type__file


see cdist-type__file


the optional command used to prepare or preprocess the staged file for later use by the file type. If given, it must be a string in printf formatting where a single %s will be replaced with the last segment (filename) of the value of the given --source parameter. It is executed in the same directory into which the fetched file has been saved. The --prepare-command is expected to output the final file to stdout.

So for example given a --source of, and a --prepare-command of 'unzip -p "%s"', the code unzip -p "" will be executed in the folder containing the downloaded file A more complex example might be --prepare-command 'tar -xz "%s"; cat path/from/archive'


the directory in which to store downloaded and prepared files. Defaults to '/var/tmp/cdist/__staged_file'


see cdist-type__file


__staged_file /usr/local/bin/consul \
   --source file:///path/to/local/copy/consul \
   --cksum '428915666 15738724' \
   --state present \
   --group root \
   --owner root \
   --mode 755

__staged_file /usr/local/bin/consul \
   --source \
   --cksum '428915666 15738724' \
   --fetch-command 'curl -s -L "%s"' \
   --prepare-command 'unzip -p "%s"' \
   --state present \
   --group root \
   --owner root \
   --mode 755

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