cdist-type__package_pip - Man Page

Manage packages with pip


Pip is used in Python environments to install packages. It is also included in the python virtualenv environment.

Required Parameters


Optional Parameters


If supplied, use the name and not the object id as the package name.


Extra optional dependencies which should be installed along the selected package. Can be specified multiple times. Multiple extras can be passed in one --extra as a comma-separated list.

Extra optional dependencies will be installed even when the base package is already installed. Notice that the type will not remove installed extras that are not explicitly named for the type because pip does not offer a management for orphaned packages and they may be used by other packages.


Instead of using pip from PATH, use the specific pip path.


Either "present" or "absent", defaults to "present"


Run pip as specified user. By default it runs as root.


# Install a package
__package_pip pyro --state present

# Use pip in a virtualenv located at /root/shinken_virtualenv
__package_pip pyro --state present --pip /root/shinken_virtualenv/bin/pip

# Use pip in a virtualenv located at /foo/shinken_virtualenv as user foo
__package_pip pyro --state present --pip /foo/shinken_virtualenv/bin/pip --runas foo

# Install package with optional dependencies
__package_pip mautrix-telegram --extra speedups --extra webp_convert --extra hq_thumbnails
# the extras can also be specified comma-separated
__package_pip mautrix-telegram --extra speedups,webp_convert,hq_thumbnails --extra postgres

# or take all extras
__package_pip mautrix-telegram --extra all

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