Babeltrace 2's trace infos query object


The babeltrace.trace-infos Babeltrace 2 query object indicates time range information about specific traces and their streams, and which output ports of an eventual source component will serve the messages for a given stream.

The babeltrace2-convert(1) command queries this object from all the source component classes to support the --stream-intersection feature.


The parameters for this query operation are exactly the same as you would pass as the initialization parameters of a component created from the queried component class.

Result Object

The result object is an array of trace info maps (see “Trace info map”).

Trace info map

A trace info map contains:

stream-infos=STREAM-INFOS [array of stream info maps]

Stream info maps (see “Stream info map”) for this trace.

Stream info map

A stream info map contains:

range-ns=RANGE [range map]

The time range of this stream, a map containing:

begin=NS [signed integer]

Beginning time of this stream (nanoseconds since the stream class’s default clock class’s origin).

end=NS [signed integer]

End time of this stream (nanoseconds since the stream class’s default clock class’s origin).

port-name=PORT-NAME [string]

For an eventual source component initialized with the same parameters: name of the output port which serves the messages of this stream.


Result object

Example 1. Two trace infos: one with three stream infos, one with two stream infos.

- stream-infos:
  - range-ns:
      begin: 1509556764975082000
      end: 1509557102181554400
    port-name: trace0-cpu0
  - range-ns:
      begin: 1509556764947050800
      end: 1509557102182771000
    port-name: trace0-cpu1
  - range-ns:
      begin: 1509556764956409300
      end: 1509557102182770400
    port-name: trace0-cpu2
- stream-infos:
  - range-ns:
      begin: 1509556764918082000
      end: 1509557103849928400
    port-name: trace1-cpu0
  - range-ns:
      begin: 1509556761888820000
      end: 1509557109928100400
    port-name: trace1-cpu1


If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it on the Babeltrace bug tracker (see <>).


The Babeltrace project shares some communication channels with the LTTng project (see <>).


The Babeltrace 2 project is the result of hard work by many regular developers and occasional contributors.

The current project maintainer is Jérémie Galarneau <>.

See Also

babeltrace2-intro(7), babeltrace2-query(1), babeltrace2-convert(1)

Referenced By

babeltrace2-convert(1), babeltrace2-source.ctf.fs(7).

14 September 2019 Babeltrace 2.0.5 Babeltrace 2 manual