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babeltrace2-plugin-text - Man Page

Babeltrace 2's plain text plugin


The Babeltrace 2 text plugin contains component classes which read or write plain text data.

See babeltrace2-intro(7) to learn more about the Babeltrace 2 project and its core concepts.

Component Classes


Reads the lines of a Linux kernel ring buffer, that is, the output of the dmesg(1) tool, and emits each line as an event message.

See babeltrace2-source.text.dmesg(7).


Deterministically prints the messages it consumes with details to the standard output.

See babeltrace2-sink.text.details(7).


Pretty-prints the messages it consumes to the standard output or to a file.

This is equivalent to the text output format of babeltrace(1) (Babeltrace 1).

See babeltrace2-sink.text.pretty(7).


If you encounter any issue or usability problem, please report it on the Babeltrace bug tracker (see <https://bugs.lttng.org/projects/babeltrace>).


The Babeltrace project shares some communication channels with the LTTng project (see <https://lttng.org/>).


The Babeltrace 2 project is the result of hard work by many regular developers and occasional contributors.

The current project maintainer is Jérémie Galarneau <mailto:jeremie.galarneau@efficios.com>.

See Also

babeltrace2-intro(7), babeltrace2-source.text.dmesg(7), babeltrace2-sink.text.details(7), babeltrace2-sink.text.pretty(7)

Referenced By

babeltrace2(1), babeltrace2-intro(7), babeltrace2-sink.text.details(7), babeltrace2-sink.text.pretty(7), babeltrace2-source.text.dmesg(7).