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amanda-applications - Man Page

Application-api for amanda


Describe how to use application with Amanda


This section lists the applications included with Amanda. See the individual man pages for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at http://wiki.zmanda.com.

Defining Applications

An application is defined in amanda.conf(5) as follows:

define application-tool $appconfigname {
   plugin "$pluginname"

and then referenced in a dumptype as

define dumptype $dumptypename {
   program "APPLICATION"
   application "$appconfigname"

Application properties, like Amanda configuration parameters, are insensitive to case, and - (dash) and _ (underscore) may be used interchangeably.

See the individual plugin documentation for properties applicable to each plugin.

See Also

amanda(8), amanda.conf(5)

The Amanda Wiki: : http://wiki.zmanda.com/


Jean-Louis Martineau <martineau@zmanda.com>

Zmanda, Inc. (http://www.zmanda.com)

Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin@zmanda.com>

Zmanda, Inc. (http://www.zmanda.com)

Referenced By

amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), ambsdtar(8), amgtar(8), ampgsql(8), amraw(8), amsamba(8), amstar(8), amsuntar(8), amzfs-sendrecv(8).

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