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OSSL_STORE-winstore.7ossl - Man Page

OpenSSL built in OSSL_STORE for Windows


The OSSL_STORE implementation for Windows provides access to Windows' system ROOT certificate store through URIs, using the URI scheme org.openssl.winstore.

Supported URIs

There is only one supported URI:


No authority (host, etc), no path, no query, no fragment.

Supported OSSL_STORE_SEARCH operations


As a matter of fact, this must be used.  It is not possible to enumerate all available certificates in the store.

Windows certificate store features

Apart from diverse constraints present in the certificates themselves, the Windows certificate store also has the ability to associate additional constraining properties alongside a certificate in the store. This includes both documented and undocumented capabilities:

  • The documented capability to override EKU
  • The undocumented capability to add name constraints
  • The undocumented capability to override the certificate expiry date

Such constraints are not checked by this OSSL_STORE implementation, and thereby not honoured.

However, once extracted with OSSL_STORE_load(3), certificates that have constraints in their X.509 extensions will go through the usual constraint checks when used by OpenSSL, and are thereby honoured.

See Also

ossl_store(7), OSSL_STORE_open_ex(3), OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3)


The winstore (org.openssl.winstore) implementation was added in OpenSSL 3.2.0.


OpenSSL uses OSSL_DECODER(3) implementations under the hood. To influence what OSSL_DECODER(3) implementations are used, it's advisable to use OSSL_STORE_open_ex(3) and set the propq argument.

Referenced By

OSSL_PROVIDER-base.7ossl(7), OSSL_PROVIDER-default.7ossl(7).

2024-06-06 3.2.2 OpenSSL