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EVP_CIPHER-NULL.7ossl - Man Page

The NULL EVP_CIPHER implementation


Support for a NULL symmetric encryption using the EVP_CIPHER API. This is used when the TLS cipher suite is TLS_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL. This does no encryption (just copies the data) and has a mac size of zero.

Algorithm Name

The following algorithm is available in the default provider:



This implementation supports the following parameters:

Gettable EVP_CIPHER parameters

See "Gettable EVP_CIPHER parameters" in EVP_EncryptInit(3)

Gettable EVP_CIPHER_CTX parameters

"keylen" (OSSL_CIPHER_PARAM_KEYLEN) <unsigned integer>


"tls-mac" (OSSL_CIPHER_PARAM_TLS_MAC) <octet ptr>

See "PARAMETERS" in EVP_EncryptInit(3) for further information.

Settable EVP_CIPHER_CTX parameters

"tls-mac-size" (OSSL_CIPHER_PARAM_TLS_MAC_SIZE) <unsigned integer>

See "PARAMETERS" in EVP_EncryptInit(3) for further information.

Conforming to

RFC 5246 section-

See Also

provider-cipher(7), OSSL_PROVIDER-default(7)

Referenced By

OSSL_PROVIDER-default.7ossl(7), provider-cipher.7ossl(7).

2024-07-09 3.2.2 OpenSSL