xgalaxy - Man Page

X11 Galaga like game


xgalaxy [-scores] [-display display] [-mouse] [-keyboard] [-nosound] [-b] [-window] [-winsize widthxheight] [-b] [-noclipmask] [-nouseor] [-nostars]

xgalaxy-hyperspace [-scores] [-display display] [-mouse] [-keyboard] [-nosound] [-b] [-window] [-winsize widthxheight] [-b] [-noclipmask] [-nouseor] [-nostars]


It's just like Galaxian / Galaga, you know how to play Galaxian/ Galaga, stop bothering me. (Ship follows the mouse, button fires.  Auto-fire by holding it down, so no-one accuses me of breaking their mouse!)

The xgalaxy-hyperspace version features some new weapons and different gameplay.



Prints out the high score file and exits

-display host:dpy

Set your display


Use mouse control (same as 'm').


Use keyboard control (same as 'k'). If you have a joystick it can also be used if you select keyboard control.


Turn sound OFF

-level lvl

Choose starting level (>= 1)


Run in a window, not full screen. Full screen is the default.

-winsize widthxheight

Set windowsize, default 468x596.


Turn buffered mode off, use this if it runs too slowly.  Will cause  flicker, maybe lots, maybe only a little.


Don't use clip masks for drawing (affects unbuffered mode only).


Don't draw using OR mode.


Don't draw stars in the background.

Combinations of the last four options can be used to get faster drawing if the video card can't keep up with the required 30 frames/sec.  The fastest drawing will come from

xgalaxy -b -noclipmask -nouseor -nostars

Keyboard Commands

p - pauses

q - end this game

b - Toggle buffering (flicker vs. speed.)

o - Toggle OR mode.  Don't use this, it sucks.

m - Use mouse control. Note that you may switch in mid-game.

k - Use keyboard control

x - use your shields (xgalaxy-hyperspace only)

alt-enter - Toggle full screen node.

See Also

XGalaxy home page <http://rumsey.org/xgal.html>


Joe Rumsey, <joe@rumsey.org> (Original author)

Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> (man page)

Send bugs (or their reports, or fixes) here: <http://www.debian.org/Bugs/>.


23 April 2003 2.0.34