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vert-banner - Man Page

print large banner on printer


vert-banner[-w width] message ...


vert-banner prints a large, high quality banner on the standard output. If the message is omitted, it prompts for and reads one line of its standard input. If -w is given, the output is scrunched down from a width of 132 to width, suitable for a narrow terminal.

The output should be printed on paper of the appropriate width, with no breaks between the pages.


Several ASCII characters are not defined, notably <, >, [, ], \, ^, _, {, }, |, and ~. Also, the characters ", ', and & are funny looking (but in a useful way.)

The -w option is implemented by skipping some rows and columns. The smaller it gets, the grainier the output. Sometimes it runs letters together.


Mark Horton


April 29, 1995