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trek - Man Page

trekkie game


trek[[-a] file]


trek is a game of space glory and war. Below is a summary of commands. For complete documentation, see Trek by Eric Allman.

If a filename is given, a log of the game is written onto that file. If the -a flag is given before the filename, that file is appended to, not truncated.

The game will ask you what length game you would like. Valid responses are “short”, “medium”, and “long”. You may also type “restart”, which restarts a previously saved game. You will then be prompted for the skill, to which you must respond “novice”, “fair”, “good”, “expert”, “commodore”, or “impossible”. You should normally start out with a novice and work up.

In general, throughout the game, if you forget what is appropriate the game will tell you what it expects if you just type in a question mark.


Eric Allman

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December 30, 1993