retroarch-cg2glsl - Man Page

Shader converter.


retroarch-cg2glsl [Cg file] [GLSL file output]

retroarch-cg2glsl [Cg directory] [GLSL directory output]


retroarch-cg2glsl converts Cg shaders to GLSL shaders. It can convert single shaders as well as whole folder structures in batch. 100% compatibility is not guaranteed, but almost all shaders should work fine. Cg presets (.cgp) are not converted at the moment, but converting them is as simple as copying over the .cgp, rename it to .glslp and replace references to .cg files to .glsl.

Requires Python 3 and cgc (nvidia-cg-toolkit) 3.1.

Example Commandlines

Convert a Cg shader to GLSL shader

retroarch-cg2glsl prog.glsl(p)

Convert a Cg directory to GLSL directory

retroarch-cg2glsl cg-dir out-xml-shader-dir


July 10, 2014 System Manager's Manual: retroarch-cg2glsl