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Qt CHDMAN GUI, a graphical CHDMAN front-end


qchdman [-config_path path]


Qt CHDMAN GUI - or qchdman in short - is an approach to creating a graphical user interface for 'chdman', MAME's Compressed Hunks of Data manager, which is implemented as a tool used purely from command line. In a way qchdman is just a front-end, making it easier for not-so-technically-inclined users to even work with 'chdman'. However, at the same time it adds platform-independent scripting capabilities and ease-of-use features which should make it an interesting add-on for everyone.

For details, please see qchdman's wiki page at this URL: https://wiki.batcom-it.net/index.php?title=Qt_CHDMAN_GUI


-config_path path

Specify this argument to use the directory path instead of the default folder (~/.qmc2) to store qchdman's configuration.



Individual user's configuration

See Also

qmc2-sdlmame(6), qmc2-arcade(6)


None that we're aware of.

New bugs can be reported here: https://tracker.batcom-it.net/view_all_bug_page.php?project_id=1


The QMC2 development-team (https://qmc2.batcom-it.net/)

Referenced By

qmc2-arcade(6), qmc2-main-gui(6).

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