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pipewalker - Man Page

combination puzzle game


pipewalker [Options]...


pipewalker is a puzzle game in which you need to combine the components into a single circuit: connect all computers to a network server, bring water to the taps, etc.


-h,  --help

Display help message and exit.

-v,  --version

Display version information and exit.

-i,  --id=ID:

Start the level with the specified ID (a number from 1 up to 99999999).

-c,  --width=COLUMNS:

Set level width (a number from 10 to 50).

-r,  --height=ROWS:

Set level height (a number from 10 to 50).

-w,  --no-wrap

Disable wrap mode.

-s,  --no-sound

Disable sound.



Data directory for pipewalker themes.


pipewalker supports various themes. Themes are stored as a set of textures in a PNG file. All themes must be 1024x896 pixels in size. To add a new theme, copy the PNG file to the /usr/share/games/pipewalker data directory.  The file name is used as the theme name.


To start pipewalker on the level 1234, with wrap mode disabled, and level map 10x20:

$ pipewalker --id=1234 --no-wrap --width=10 --height=20


This manual page was written by David da Silva Polverari <david.polverari@gmail.com> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


2020-06-11 Pipewalker Manual