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openttd - Man Page

open source clone of the Microprose game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe”

Examples (TL;DR)


openttd[-efhQxX] [-b blitter] [-c config_file] [-d [level | cat=lvl[,...]]] [-D [host][:port]] [-g [file]] [-G seed] [-I graphicsset] [-m driver] [-M musicset] [-n host[:port][#company]] [-p password] [-P password] [-q savegame] [-r widthxheight] [-s driver] [-S soundset] [-t year] [-v driver]


-b blitter

Select the blitter blitter; see -h for a full list.

-c config_file

Use config_file instead of openttd.cfg.

-d [level]

Set debug verbosity for all categories to level, or 1 if omitted.

-d cat=lvl[,...]

Set debug verbosity to lvl for a specific category cat.

-D [host][:port]

Start a dedicated server.

Network debug level will be set to 6. If you want to change this, set -d after setting -D.


Start in world editor mode.


Fork into background (dedicated server only, see -D).

-g [file]

Load file (can be either a savegame, scenario, or heightmap) at start or start a new game if omitted. file must be either an absolute path or one relative to the current path or one of the search paths.

-G seed

Seed the pseudo random number generator with seed.


Display a summary of all options and list all the available AIs, blitters, sound, music and video drivers, graphics sets and sound sets.

-I graphicsset

Select the graphics set graphicsset; see -h for a full list.

-m driver

Select the music driver driver; see -h for a full list.

-M musicset

Select the music set musicset; see -h for a full list.

-n host[:port][#company]

Join a network game, optionally specifying a port to connect to and company to play as.

-p password

Password used to join server. Only useful with -n.

-P password

Password used to join company. Only useful with -n.

-q savegame

Write some information about the specified savegame and exit.


Don't scan for/load NewGRF files on startup.

Passing -Q twice (so, -QQ ) will disable NewGRF scanning/loading entirely.

-r widthxheight

Set the resolution to width × height pixels.

-s driver

Select the sound driver driver; see -h for a full list.

-S soundset

Select the sound set soundset; see -h for a full list.

-t year

Set the starting year to year.

-v driver

Select the video driver driver; see -h for a full list.


Do not automatically save to config file on exit.


Do not use global folders to search for files.

See Also

Wiki (includes community maintained manual), Forum, News


Transport Tycoon Deluxe was written by Chris Sawyer and published by Microprose. openttd is a free reimplementation.


August 12, 2023