openlierox - Man Page

real-time, excessive clone of Worms with network support.


OpenLieroX is based on Jason Boettcher's famous Liero Xtreme. Jason B. has released his work in 2006 under the zlib-licence and after some months of work, we ported and enhanced his work and got OpenLieroX.


openlierox [options]


OpenLieroX reads all the configuration options from a configuration file at startup but you can override from command line a few of the options:


Show commandline help.


Use OpenGL for drawing.


Explicitly disable using OpenGL.


Run the game in fullscreen mode.


Run the game in windowed mode.


Disable sound output.


Disable joystick detection.


Enable dedicated mode - no graphics or sound initialized, OpenLieroX runs as standalone console process. The file 'scripts/dedicated_control' is executed by OpenLieroX - this file is CGI-like script which operates the OpenLieroX server. It is located in default directory '/usr/share/games/OpenLieroX' , but may be overridden by user as '~/.OpenLieroX/scripts/dedicated_control'.


Executes a command inside game console after starting openlierox. Several -exec statements may be specified.


Start a game client and immediately connect to the specified server.

Configuration file name is '~/.OpenLieroX/cfg/options.cfg'.


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms specified in the GNU Public Licence (GPL).




Version 1.0 Openlierox GAMES