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nms - Man Page

No More Secrets

Examples (TL;DR)


nms [options]



sets the auto-decrypt flag, decryption sequence starts without requiring a key press.


sets the mask blanks flag. Blank spaces will be encrypted and decrypted.


clear the screen prior to printing any output


display version info


set the foreground color of the decrypted text to the color specified. Valid options are white, black, yellow, magenta, cyan, blue (default), green, or red.


This command works on piped data. Pipe any ASCII or UTF-8 text to nms, and it will apply the hollywood effect, seen on screen in the 1992 hacker movie Sneakers.

Initially showing encrypted data, then starting a decryption sequence to reveal the original plaintext characters.

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Brian Barto ( https://github.com/bartobri )


17 February 2017 1.0 nms User Manual