moon-buggy - Man Page

drive some car across the moon


moon-buggy [-hnsV] [--help] [--no-title] [--show-scores] [--version]


Moon-buggy is a simple character graphics game, where you drive some kind of car across the moon´s surface. Unfortunately there are dangerous craters there.  Fortunately your car can jump over them!


The program understands the following command line options.

-h,  --help

shows a short usage message.

-m,  --mesg

disable write access to your terminal by other users, so your boss can´t disturb your game play with the help of "write" or "finger".

-n,  --no-title

skips the title screen.

-s,  --show-scores

shows the current highscore list and exits.

-w,  --with-sound

enables experimental sound add-on using esd.

-V,  --version

prints the program´s version to standard output and exits.


The moon-buggy is controlled by a couple of keys, which are described near the bottom of the screen.  Most important are the following keys.

SPC, j

makes your car jump. The length of a jump is fixed and you can only start a new jump, while the wheels have contact to the ground.

a, l

fires the mining laser. The laser is used to remove stones, which may block your way.


quits the game prematurely. But you still keep your score and may enter the highscore list.


The following files on your system are related to moon-buggy.


the moon-buggy executable.


the global score file


the local score file.  This is used, if moon-buggy has no write access to the global score file.

See Also

Moon-buggy Usage and Maintenance by Jochen Voss.


Copyright © 2004  Jochen Voss

Moon-buggy is free software. Read the file COPYING of the source code distribution for details or press ´c´ at moon-buggy´s title screen.


The program moon-buggy was implemented by Jochen Voss (


Dec 27 2004 moon-buggy 1.0.51+esd