minetestmapper - Man Page

generate an overview image of a Minetest map


minetestmapper -i world_path -o output_image

See additional optional parameters below.


minetestmapper generates an overview image of a minetest map. This is a port of the original minetestmapper.py to C++, that is both faster and provides more functionality than the deprecated Python script.

Mandatory Parameters

-i world_path

Input world path.

-o output_image

Path to output image. (only PNG supported currently)

Optional Parameters

--bgcolor color

Background color of image, e.g. "--bgcolor #ffffff"

--scalecolor color

Color of scale, e.g. "--scalecolor #000000"

--playercolor color

Color of player indicators, e.g. "--playercolor #ff0000"

--origincolor color

Color of origin indicator, e.g. "--origincolor #ff0000"


Draw tick marks


Draw player indicators


Draw origin indicator


Allow nodes to be drawn with transparency


Don't draw shading on nodes


Don't output anything when the image would be empty.

--min-y number

Don't draw nodes below this y value, e.g. "--min-y -25"

--max-y number

Don't draw nodes above this y value, e.g. "--max-y 75"

--backend backend

Use specific map backend; supported: sqlite3, leveldb, redis, postgresql, e.g. "--backend leveldb"

--geometry geometry

Limit area to specific geometry (x:y+w+h where x and y specify the lower left corner), e.g. "--geometry -800:-800+1600+1600"


Don't render the image, just print the extent of the map that would be generated, in the same format as the geometry above.

--zoom factor

Zoom the image by using more than one pixel per node, e.g. "--zoom 4"

--colors path

Forcefully set path to colors.txt file (it's autodetected otherwise), e.g. "--colors ../minetest/mycolors.txt"

--scales edges

Draw scales on specified image edges (letters t b l r meaning top, bottom, left and right), e.g. "--scales tbr"

--exhaustive mode

Select if database should be traversed exhaustively or using range queries, available: never, y, full, auto

Defaults to auto. You shouldn't need to change this, but doing so can improve rendering times on large maps. For these optimizations to work it is important that you set min-y and max-y when you don't care about the world below e.g. -60 and above 1000 nodes.

--dumpblock pos

Instead of rendering anything try to load the block at the given position (x,y,z) and print its raw data as hexadecimal.

More Information

Website: https://github.com/minetest/minetestmapper

Man Page Author

Daniel Moerner