minetestmapper man page

minetestmapper ā€” generate an overview image of a Minetest map


minetestmapper -i world_path -o output_image

See additional optional parameters below.


minetestmapper generates an overview image of a minetest map. This is a port of the original minetestmapper.py to C++, that is both faster and provides more funtionality than the deprecated Python script.

Mandatory Parameters

-i world_path

Input world path.

-o output_image

Path to output image. (only PNG supported currently)

Optional Parameters

--bgcolor color

Background color of image, e.g. "--bgcolor #ffffff"

--scalecolor color

Color of scale, e.g. "--scalecolor #000000"

--playercolor color

Color of player indicators, e.g. "--playercolor #ff0000"

--origincolor color

Color of origin indicator, e.g. "--origincolor #ff0000"


Draw tick marks


Draw player indicators


Draw origin indicator


Allow nodes to be drawn with transparency


Don't draw shading on nodes

--min-y number

Don't draw nodes below this y value, e.g. "--min-y -25"

--max-y number

Don't draw nodes above this y value, e.g. "--max-y 75"

--backend backend

Use specific map backend; supported: *sqlite3*, *leveldb*, *redis*, *postgresql*, e.g. "--backend leveldb"

--geometry geometry

Limit area to specific geometry (*x:y+w+h* where x and y specify the lower left corner), e.g. "--geometry -800:-800+1600+1600"

--zoom factor

Zoom the image by using more than one pixel per node, e.g. "--zoom 4"

--colors path

Forcefully set path to colors.txt file (it's autodetected otherwise), e.g. "--colors ../minetest/mycolors.txt"

--scales edges

Draw scales on specified image edges (letters *t b l r* meaning top, bottom, left and right), e.g. "--scales tbr"

More Information

Website: https://github.com/minetest/minetestmapper

Man Page Author

Daniel Moerner