minetest - Man Page

Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox

Examples (TL;DR)


minetest [--server Server Options | Client Options] [Common Options] [WORLD PATH]

minetestserver [Server Options] [Common Options] [WORLD PATH]


Minetest is one of the first InfiniMiner/Minecraft(/whatever) inspired games (started October 2010), with a goal of taking the survival multiplayer gameplay in a slightly different direction.

The main design philosophy is to keep it technically simple, stable and portable. It will be kept lightweight enough to run on fairly old hardware.

Common Options


Print allowed options and exit


Print version information and exit

--config <value>

Load configuration from specified file

--logfile <value>

Set logfile path ('' for no logging)


Print more information to console


Print even more information to console


Print enormous amounts of information to console


Print only errors to console

--color <value>

Colorize the logs ('always', 'never' or 'auto'), defaults to 'auto'

--gameid <value> | list

Set gameid or list available ones

--worldname <value>

Set world path by name

--world <value>

Set world path

--worldlist path | name | both

Get list of worlds ('path' lists paths, 'name' lists names, 'both' lists both)

--map-dir <value>

Same as --world (deprecated)

--port <value>

Set network port (UDP) to use


Run unit tests and exit

Client Options

--address <value>

Address to connect to


Disable main menu

--name <value>

Set player name

--password <value>

Set password

--password-file <value>

Set password from contents of file


Enable random user input, for testing (client only)


List available video modes (client only)


Run speed tests

Server Options

--migrate <value>

Migrate from current map backend to another. Possible values are sqlite3, leveldb, redis, postgresql, and dummy.

--migrate-auth <value>

Migrate from current auth backend to another. Possible values are sqlite3, leveldb, and files.

--migrate-players <value>

Migrate from current players backend to another. Possible values are sqlite3, leveldb, postgresql, dummy, and files.


Display an interactive terminal over ncurses during execution.



Colon delimited list of directories to search for games.


Please report all bugs at https://github.com/minetest/minetest/issues.


Perttu Ahola <celeron55@gmail.com> and contributors.

This man page was originally written by Juhani Numminen <juhaninumminen0@gmail.com>.



Referenced By

The man page minetestserver(6) is an alias of minetest(6).

2 February 2019