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figure out the secret code




This is a simple "MasterMind" like game which you can play in human vs. human, human vs. computer or computer vs.  computer mode. The goal of the game is to crack a secret code consisting of four balls which can each be one of eight colors. The players takes turn guess (or do it simultaneously) and the first one to guess his/her code has won. If both players takes the same number of turns to get the code correct then both has won.

For your help when guess you will for each (incorrect) answer see a combination of one or more black tokens and one or more white tokens on the right side of your last answer. Each black token means that one of your balls is both of the correct color and location, but you don't know which one, and each white token means that one of your balls is of the correct color but wrong location.

Currently each player can either be controlled by a human player, a human with some computer assistance or by the computer. When playing in "cyborg" mode the ok button will be slightly shaded whenever the currently selected is not consistent with previous answers. For computer controlled players there exists three different difficulty settings: "Automata", which is the simplest, "Computer" which is the default and "AI" which is the hardest. Note that the AI setting uses quite a lot CPU cycles and it runs very slowly with more than 8 colors.


If you like this game and thinks it should be improved somehow, don't  hesitate to contact me at the adress below. You can also look at the homepage www.lysator.liu.se/~mbrx/mindless to see if there are any updates to the game available.

Mathias Broxvall, mathias.broxvall@gmail.com


2011-08-15 1.0.0