lordsawar-game-list-server - Man Page

Serve up information about currently running lordsawar networked games.


lordsawar-game-list-server [OPTION...]


The LordsAWar! game list server keeps track of which networked games are available for others to join.  This is the way lordsawar games are advertised so that others can find them.  The command-line tool lordsawar-game-list-client is used to send commands to this server.

-f,  --foreground

Do not detach from the controlling terminal.

-p,  --port NUMBER

Start the list server on the given port.

-?,  --help

Give this help list.

When a --port is not specified, the server starts on port 18998.



The configuration file.


The data file representing the list of games that the server is serving.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <lordsawar-discuss@nongnu.org>.


June 2014 lordsawar 0.3.0 Games