lordsawar - Man Page

A Warlords II clone


lordsawar [OPTION...] [FILE]


LordsAWar! is a  2d turn-based strategy game where up to 8 players strive for control of as many cities as possible.  Produce new armies in cities to conquer  nearby  cities.  Using the income from those cities, make more armies to take more cities.  Send a hero to a temple to get a quest, or maybe search a nearby ruin instead.  Play against the computer or against a friend.

Specify FILE to load a saved-game (.sav) or start a new game from a .map file.  The latter is a scenario file saved from the scenario builder.

-c,  --cache-size SIZE

Don't use more than SIZE bytes to cache rendered graphics.

-C,  --config-file FILE

Use FILE instead of ~/.config/lordsawar/lordsawarrc.

-C, --save-path DIR

Use DIR instead of ~/.locale/share/lordsawar.

-t,  --test

Start with a test-scenario.

-S,  --seed NUMBER

Seed the random number generator with NUMBER.

-s,  --stress-test

Begin a non-interactive stress test.

-r,  --robots

Begin a non-interactive stress test over the network.

-H,  --host

Start a lordsawar server.

-p,  --port NUMBER

Start the lordsawar server on the given port.


Start the scenario builder.

-h,  --help

Give this help list.

FILEs can be a saved game file (.sav), or a map (.map) file.



The configuration file.


Saved game directory.


Saved scenario maps directory.


Saved armyset directory.


Saved tileset directory.


Saved shieldset directory.


Saved cityset directory.


Cache directory.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <lordsawar-discuss@nongnu.org>.

See Also

The full documentation for lordsawar is available on the web at: http://www.nongnu.org/lordsawar/manual/


March 2020 lordsawar 0.3.2 Games