gti - Man Page

Humorous typo-based git runner; drives a car over the terminal.


gti is intended to catch accidental typos of 'gti' instead of 'git'. It displays an animation of a car driving by, and then launches git. Any parameters or arguments given to gti will be passed through to git.

The car image is derived from the look of an old VW Golf GTI.



gti respects the $GIT environment variable. If GIT is set, its value will be used to launch git after the animation finishes, instead of searching for git in your PATH.


If $GTI_SPEED is set to a parsable integer, its value is used to control the speed of the animation.

See Also

git(1), sl(6)


gti was written by Richard Wossal <>. This manual was written by Felix Crux <> for the Debian project, but may be used by others under the same terms as gti itself.