freeciv-ruleup - Man Page

Update Freeciv rulesets


freeciv-ruleup [option ...]

-h,  --help

Print a summary of the options

-F,  --Fatal SIGNAL

Raise a signal SIGNAL on failed assertion

-r, --ruleset RULESET Update RULESET

-o,  --output DIRECTORY

Create directory OUTPUT for output


freeciv-ruleup updates rulesets compatible with previous freeciv-server(6) version to ones compatible with current version. It does that simply by loading and saving the ruleset. It can load ruleset in the format of previous freeciv version, and it saves in the format of current freeciv version. Because it's meant to load rulesets that are not meant to be used with current version of freeciv, one usually wants to set FREECIV_DATA_PATH environment variable to point to datadir of the old freeciv version before using it. By default it saves updated ruleset to directory named after ruleset name with prefix ".ruleup" added.


Need to setup FREECIV_DATA_PATH to point to old freeciv version datadir makes using the tool somewhat cumbersome.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs at (but see above caveats).

See Also

freeciv-server(6) and the Client Manual at the Freeciv homepage.

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June 2019