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freeciv-ruledit - Man Page

Freeciv Ruleset Editor


freeciv-ruledit [ -F|--Fatal [ signal_number ] ] [ -h|--help ] [ -r|--ruleset ruleset ] [ -v|--version ]


This tool can be used to edit freeciv rulesets.


All options have a short form (single hyphen and single letter) and a long form (double hyphen and a complete word); their effects are identical.

-F [ signal_number ], --Fatal [ signal_number ]

Raise a custom signal on failed assertion.  If signal_number is not specified, then the ABRT signal will be used.

-h,  --help

Prints a short summary of the standard command line options.

-r ruleset, --ruleset ruleset

Load specified ruleset as the starting point to edit.

-v,  --version

Prints the version number and exits.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs at https://redmine.freeciv.org/projects/freeciv

See Also

freeciv-server(6) and the Client Manual at the Freeciv homepage.

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October 29th 2022