figlist man page

figlist — lists figlet fonts and control files


figlist [ -d directory ]


Lists all fonts and control files in figlet's default font directory. Replaces "figlet -F", which was removed from figlet version 2.1.


To use figlist with its default settings, simply type

example% figlist

To list all the font and control files in /usr/share/fonts/figlet

example% figlist -d /usr/share/fonts/figlet


figlist was written by Glenn Chappell <ggc@uiuc.edu>

This manual page was written by Jonathon Abbott for the Debian Project.

See Also

figlet(6), chkfont(6), showfigfonts(6)

Referenced By

chkfont(6), figlet(6), showfigfonts(6).

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v2.2.5 31 May 2012