fceux-net-server man page

fceux-net-server ā€” FCEUX game server




This manual page documents briefly the fceux-net-server command.

fceux-net-server is the game server for multiplayer use of the fceux(6) family of NES emulators. This server will first look in /etc/fceux-server.conf for options. If that file does not exist, it will use the defaults given here. Any argument given directly will override any default values.


The options are as follows:

-h, --help

Displays a help message.

-v, --version

Displays the version number and quits.

-p port, --port port

Starts server on given port; the default is 4046.

-w password, --password password

Specifies a password for entry.

-m num, --maxclients num

Specifies the maximum number of clients allowed to access the server; the default is 100.

-t timeout, --timeout timeout

Specifies the number of seconds before the server times out; the default is 5.

-f divisor, --framedivisor divisor

Specifies frame divisor, which controls the number of updates sent to client; calculated as: 60 Ć· framedivisor = updates per second. The default is 1.

-c file, --configfile file

Loads the given configuration file. The default is /etc/fceux-server.conf.

See Also


The FCEUX homepage.


This manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <jello@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

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