easyrpg-player - Man Page

Interpreter for RPG Maker 2000/2003 games


easyrpg-player [<optional flags>...]


EasyRPG Player is an open source interpreter for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games. It aims to support all features of unmodified games and also has some support for some additional binary patches.


--battle-test MONSTERPARTY

Starts a battle test with the specified monster party.


Disable audio (in case you prefer your own music).


Disable support for the Runtime Package (RTP). Will lead to checkerboard graphics and silent music/sound effects in games depending on the RTP.

--encoding ENCODING

Instead of auto detecting the encoding or using the one in RPG_RT.ini, the specified encoding is used. Use "auto" for automatic detection.

--engine ENGINE

Disable auto detection of the simulated engine. Possible options:

  • rpg2k - RPG Maker 2000 engine (v1.00 - v1.10)
  • rpg2kv150 - RPG Maker 2000 engine (v1.50 - v1.51)
  • rpg2ke - RPG Maker 2000 (English release) engine (v1.61)
  • rpg2k3 - RPG Maker 2003 engine (v1.00 - v1.04)
  • rpg2k3v105 - RPG Maker 2003 engine (v1.05 - v1.09a)
  • rpg2k3e - RPG Maker 2003 (English release) engine

Start in fullscreen mode.


Enable frames per second counter.


Render the frames per second counter in both full screen and windowed mode.


Set a custom frames per second limit. If unspecified, the default is 60 fps. Set to 0 to disable the frame limiter. This option may not be supported on all platforms.


Disable vsync and use fps-limit. Vsync may or may not be supported on all platforms. Check the engine log to verify whether or not vsync actually is being used.


Use mouse click for decision and scroll wheel for lists.


Use one/two finger tap for decision/cancel.


Hide the title background image and center the command menu.

--load-game-id ID

Skip the title scene and load SaveID.lsd (ID is padded to two digits).


Skip the title scene and start a new game directly.

--project-path PATH

Instead of using the working directory the game in PATH is used.

--rtp-path PATH

Adds PATH to the RTP directory list and use this one with highest precedence.

--record-input PATH

Records all button input to a log file at PATH.

--replay-input PATH

Replays button input from a log file at PATH, as generated by --record-input. If the RNG seed (--seed) and the state of the save file directory is also the same as it was when the log was recorded, this should reproduce an identical run to the one recorded.

--save-path PATH

Instead of storing save files in the game directory they are stored in PATH. The directory must exist.

When using the game browser all games will share the same save directory!

--seed SEED

Seeds the random number generator.

--autobattle-algo ALGO

Which AutoBattle algorithm to use. Possible options:

  • RPG_RT - The default RPG_RT compatible algo, including RPG_RT bugs
  • RPG_RT+ - The default RPG_RT compatible algo, with bug fixes
  • ATTACK - RPG_RT+ but only physical attacks, no skills
--enemyai-algo ALGO

Which EnemyAI algorithm to use. Possible options:

  • RPG_RT - The default RPG_RT compatible algo, including RPG_RT bugs
  • RPG_RT+ - The default RPG_RT compatible algo, with bug fixes
--patch PATCH_A [PATCH_B ...]

Force emulation of engine patches, disabling auto detection. Possible options:

  • none - Disable all patches
  • dynrpg - DynRPG patch by Cherry
  • maniac - Maniac Patch by BingShan
--start-map-id ID

Overwrite the map used for new games and use MapID.lmu instead (ID is padded to four digits).

Incompatible with --load-game-id.

--start-position X Y

Overwrite the party start position and move the party to position (X, Y).

Incompatible with --load-game-id.

--start-party A [B ...]

Overwrite the starting party members with the actors with IDs A, B, ...

Incompatible with --load-game-id.


Enable TestPlay mode.


Start in window mode.


Disable colors in terminal log.

-v,  --version

Display program version and exit.

-h,  --help

Display help and exit.

For compatibility with the original RPG Maker runtime the following legacy arguments are supported:

BattleTest ID

Same as --battle-test. When ID is not a valid number the 4th argument is used as the party id.


Same as --hide-title.


Same as --test-play.


Same as --window.



Full path to a directory containing an extracted RPG Maker 2000 Run-Time-Package(RTP).


Full path to a directory containing an extracted RPG Maker 2003 RTP.


Full path to a directory containing a combined RTP.

All *_RTP_PATH variables support directory lists, using colon (:) or semicolon (;) as separator. Useful when you have multiple translated RTP versions or directories with extra files. The --rtp-path command line option supports directory lists as well.



The game configuration file. It follows a simple Key=Value syntax in multiple sections. Specific options can be set in the [EasyRPG] section. For example:

This will set the correct encoding for most english games.


Values in the configuration file will overwrite auto detected ones, however command line parameters will take precedence.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported at the issue tracker: https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/issues

See Also

mkxp - An open source RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System) interface implementation that aims to support games created by "RPG Maker XP", "RPG Maker VX" and "RPG Maker VX Ace"

For additional information about EasyRPG software and related projects there is a wiki: https://wiki.easyrpg.org


01/19/2023 EasyRPG Player 0.7.0 EasyRPG Manual