ccgo man page

ccgo — a program for playing the game Go


ccgo [options] [<sgf_filename>]


ccgo is a program that provides a graphical interface for playing Go on the IGS (Internet Go Server) or with GMP (Go modem protocol) programs like GNUGO. It's also a SGF (smart game format) Go record viewer. When <sgf_filename> exists and of the extension .sgf, it is opened as a game record.


Most properties of ccgo can be configured at runtime with the "Properties" button in the main menu. Other command line options are as following:

-d, --debug=NUM
Set debugging level to NUM
-c, --command=CMD
send CMD as remote command to existing ccgo process
-?, --help
display help list and exit
-V, --version
print program version and exit


The fifo used for sending command to a running ccgo process.

See Also

The program is also documented at "".


This manual page was written by Chun-Chung Chen <>.


2005-04-03 Chun-Chung Chen Games