atlantik - Man Page

A monopd client


atlantik [options]


Atlantik is a client for playing Monopoly™-like board games on the monopd network.

Purpose of the Atlantik board game is to acquire land in major cities in North America and Europe while being a transatlantic traveler. To win the game, players improve monopolized land with profitable buildings in the hopes of bankrupting all other players.

All game modes are served by monopd, a dedicated game server designed for Atlantik. One of the game modes plays like the popular real estate board game known as Monopoly™.


Atlantik options

--host host

Connect to this host.

-p,  --port port

Connect to this port.

-g,  --game game

Join this game.

See Also

More detailed user documentation is available from help:/atlantik (either enter this URL, or run khelpcenter help:/atlantik).


Lauri Watts <>

Atlantik man page.

Pino Toscano <>

Atlantik man page.


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