adanaxisgpl - Man Page

Action game in 4 spatial dimensions


adanaxisgpl [--safe] [--recover] [--doc] [--help] [commands]


Documentation for this command can be found in the About Adanaxis PDF, which is installed in the documentation area (usually /usr/share/doc/adanaxisgpl-<version>).

This is the GPL version of the game - other versions may be available.



Displays help.


Opens the program documentation, if possible.

--safe, --recover

Start in 'recovery mode'.  This option resets the configuration to a very basic one, and disables program features that may cause problems.  After quitting, the game can be restarted normally by omitting this option and features re-enabled via the program Options menu.


Commands are passed to the internal intepreter.  If no commands are given, the program executes the start.txt file from its system directory (usually /usr/share/adanaxisgpl/system).


Andy Southgate <>


June 2007 Linux User Manuals