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Section 6 : Games

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Section 6 of the manual describes all the games and funny little programs available on the system.
Packages with man pages in this section
0adCross-Platform RTS Game of Ancient Warfare
90-Second-PortraitsFrantic street painting game
abuseThe classic Crack-Dot-Com game
adanaxisgplAction game in four spatial dimensions
aisleriotA collection of card games
amoebaxAction-Puzzle Game
anagramaramaAnagram puzzle game
angbandPopular roguelike role playing game
arx-libertatisCross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG
ascAdvanced Strategic Command
atari++Unix based emulator of the Atari 8-bit computers
atlantikKDE monopd game client
ballerburgTwo players, two castles, and a hill in between
ballzB.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball
bastetAn evil falling bricks game
bear-engineRun-time libraries for games based on the Bear engine
black-hole-solverThe Black Hole Solitaire Solver Executable
bombardierThe GNU Bombing utility
boswarsBos Wars is a futuristic real-time strategy game
bsd-gamesCollection of text-based games
bspThe most popular node builder for Doom
bzflag3D multi-player tank battle game
cannonballAn Enhanced OutRun Engine
ccgoAn IGS (Internet Go Server) client written in C++
chocolate-doomHistorically compatible Doom engine
chromium-bsuFast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
colobotA video game that teaches programming in a fun way
colorfulSide-view shooter game
corsix-thOpen source clone of Theme Hospital
crack-attackPuzzle action game
crawlRoguelike dungeon exploration game
CriticalMassSDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game also known as critter
crossfireServer for hosting crossfire games
curblasterSidescrolling shooter, carry the pods through the gate
ddnetDDraceNetwork, a cooperative racing mod of Teeworlds
ddnet-serverStandalone server for ddnet
dealBridge Hand Generator
deutexDOOM wad file manipulator
dolphin-emuGameCube / Wii / Triforce Emulator
dolphin-emu-noguiDolphin Emulator without a graphical user interface
doom2-masterlevels"Master Levels for Doom II" launcher
dreamchessPortable chess game
dreamchess-engineA moderately strong chess engine for the game DreamChess
easyrpg-playerGame interpreter for RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG games
edgarA platform game
endless-skySpace exploration, trading, and combat game
enigmaGame where you control a marble with the mouse
erlang-common_testA portable framework for automatic testing
erlang-cryptoCryptographical support
erlang-erl_docgenA utility used to generate erlang HTML documentation
erlang-kernelMain erlang library
erlang-observerA set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems
erlang-os_monA monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system
erlang-public_keyAPI to public key infrastructure
erlang-runtime_toolsA set of tools to include in a production system
erlang-saslThe System Architecture Support Libraries
erlang-snmpSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support
erlang-sshSecure Shell application with sftp and ssh support
erlang-sslSecure Socket Layer support
erlang-stdlibThe Erlang standard libraries
etlegacyFully compatible client and server for the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
eurekaA cross-platform map editor for the classic DOOM games
extremetuxracerHigh speed arctic racing game
fceuxA cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator
figletA program for making large letters out of ordinary text
fillets-ngFish Fillets Next Generation, a puzzle game with 70 levels
five-or-moreGNOME "Five or More" game
flare-engineA single player, 2D-isometric, action Role-Playing Engine
flobopuyo2-player falling bubbles game
fltk-develDevelopment files for fltk
foobillardOpenGL billard game
fortune-modA program which will display a fortune
four-in-a-rowGNOME Four-in-a-row game
freecell-solverThe Freecell Solver Executable
freeciv-commonA multi-player strategy game
freecolTurn-based multi-player strategy game
freedink-engineHumorous top-down adventure and role-playing game (engine)
freedroidClone of the C64 game Paradroid
freedroidrpgRole playing game with Freedroid theme and Tux as the hero
frogattoAn old-school 2D platform game
frotzInteractive fiction interpreter for Z-Machine (Infocom) games
frotz-guiSDL GUI for frotz interactive fiction interpreter
fruitUCI chess engine
funguloidsSpace-Flying-Mushroom-Picking-Simulator game
gambatte-sdlSDL Gambatte front-end
game-data-packagerInstaller for game data files
gbrainyA brain teaser game and trainer to keep your brain trained
ggz-base-libsBase libraries for GGZ gaming zone
glaxiumAn OpenGL space shooter
gnome-2048A 2048 clone for GNOME
gnome-chessGNOME Chess game
gnome-klotskiGNOME Klotski game
gnome-mahjonggGNOME Mahjongg game
gnome-minesGNOME Mines Sweeper game
gnome-nibblesGNOME Nibbles game
gnome-robotsGNOME Robots game
gnome-sudokuGNOME Sudoku game
gnome-taquinSliding-block puzzle game
gnome-tetravexGNOME Tetravex game
gnubgA backgammon game and analyser
gnubik3D interactive graphics puzzle
gnugoText based go program
gnujumpA jumping game which is a clone of xjump
gnushogiShogi, the Japanese version of chess
godotMulti-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor
godot3Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor (version 3)
gtetrinetGNOME version of a tetris game playable on the net
gtiJust a silly gti launcher
iagnoGNOME Reversi game
icebreakerAn addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins
inertiablastSteal energy pods to defeat the empire
iyfctSide scrolling endless runner game
jumpnbumpCute multiplayer platform game with bunnies
khangmanHangman game
KoboDeluxeThird person scrolling 2D shooter
koules-sdlSDL2 variant of a multiplayer action game
koules-x11X Window system variant of a multiplayer action game
kpatA selection of solitaire card games
lightsoffGNOME Lightsoff game
lordsawarTurn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting
lsnipesA text-mode maze game
lugaruNinja rabbit fighting game
mameMultiple Arcade Machine Emulator
man-pagesLinux kernel and C library user-space interface documentation
marsshooterM.A.R.S. - A Ridiculous Shooter
megaglestOpen Source 3d real time strategy game
minetestMultiplayer infinite-world block sandbox with survival mode
minetestmapperGenerates a overview image of a minetest map
moon-buggyDrive and jump with some kind of car across the moon
mrrescueArcade-style fire fighting game
mupen64plusNintendo 64 Emulator
naev2d action, RPG space game
neoDigital rain in your terminal
NestopiaA portable open source NES/Famicom emulator
nethackA rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game
nethack-vulturesNetHack - Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw
njamMaze-game, eat all the cookies while avoiding the badguys
no-more-secretsA recreation of the "decrypting text" effect from the 1992 movie Sneakers
nsnakeThe classic snake game with textual interface
nudokuNcurses based Sudoku game
numptyphysicsA crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game
opencityFull 3D city simulator game project
openlieroxAddictive realtime multi-player 2D shoot-em-up
openttdTransport system simulation game
orthorobotA perspective based puzzle game
pachiPachi El Marciano - Platform Game
penguin-commandOpen source arcade game
pingusGuide the penguins safely home before they drop of the cliff
pioneersTurnbased board strategy game (colonize an island)
pipenightdreamsConnect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline
pipewalkerPuzzle game about connecting components into a single circuit
plee-the-bear2D platform game
pmarsPortable corewar system with ICWS'94 extensions
polyglot-chessPolyglot chess opening book program
powdertoyPhysics sandbox game
powermangaArcade 2D shoot-them-up game
powwowA console MUD client
prboomOpen source port of the DOOM game engine
prboom-plusFree enhanced DOOM engine
pyskoolRemakes of Skool Daze and Back to Skool
qchdmanQt CHDMAN GUI
qmc2M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II
qmc2-arcadeArcade QMC2 GUI
quadrapasselGNOME Quadrapassel game
redeclipseA Free, Casual Arena Shooter
redeclipse-serverServer for the Red Eclipse FPS game
retroarchCross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API.
robotfindskittenA game/zen simulation. You are robot. Your job is to find kitten.
rogueThe original graphical adventure game
rott-registeredRise of the Triad registered version
rott-sharewareRise of the Triad shareware version
safetyblanketCreepy blanket simulator
sar2An open source helicopter simulator
scottfreeInterpreter for Scott Adams format text adventure games
scummvmInterpreter for several adventure games
skladnikWarehouse keeper game
slashemSuper Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic
sopwithSDL port of the sopwith game
speed-dreamsThe Open Racing Car Simulator
stockfishPowerful open source chess engine
supertuxJump'n run like game
supertuxkartKids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux
taliGNOME Tali game
tecnoballzA Brick Busting game
tennixA simple tennis game
toga2UCI chess engine based on Fruit
topplerPlatform game
trackballsSteer a marble ball through a labyrinth
traderStar Traders, a simple game of interstellar trading
trophyCar racing game with special features
tuxpuck3D Shufflepuck Pong Game
tworldIntellectually engaging puzzle game
typespeedTest your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS
vavoom-engineEnhanced Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife game engine
visualboyadvance-mHigh compatibility Gameboy Advance Emulator combining VBA builds
visualboyadvance-m-sdlSDL version (no GUI) for VBA-M, a high compatibility Gameboy Advance Emulator
warmux2D turn-based artillery game
warzone2100Innovative 3D real-time strategy
wesnoth-dataTurn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme
whichwayisup2D platform game with a slight rotational twist
widelandsOpen source realtime-strategy game
wolf4sdl-commonCommon files for wolf4sdl
wordwarviSide-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game
xaosA fast, portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer
xbillStop Bill from loading his OS into all the computers
xblast-commonFiles common to both the X11 and SDL version of XBlast
xboardAn X Window System graphical chessboard
xcowsayDisplays a cute cow and message on your desktop
xgalaxyArcade game: shoot down the space ships attacking the planet
xmotoChallenging 2D Motocross Platform Game
xmrisMaze digging and cherry eating game
xmris-editorLevel editor for xmris
xpilot-ngSpace arcade game for multiple players
xpilot-ng-serverServer for hosting xpilot games
xpilot-ng-x11Xpilot-ng X11 version
xrickA clone of the game Rick Dangerous
xscorchA Scorched Earth clone
xscreensaver-baseA minimal installation of xscreensaver
xscreensaver-extrasAn enhanced set of screensavers
xscreensaver-extras-baseA base package for screensavers
xscreensaver-gl-baseA base package for screensavers that require OpenGL
xscreensaver-gl-extrasAn enhanced set of screensavers that require OpenGL
xskatThe card game Skat
xsnowLet it snow on your desktop
xteddyTool to sit around silently, look cute, and make you smile
zazA puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets
zorkPublic Domain original DUNGEON game (Zork I)