yambar-modules-river - Man Page

This module provides information about the river tags


This module uses river's (https://github.com/ifreund/river, a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor) status protocol to provide information about the river tags.

It has an interface similar to the i3/sway module.

The configuration for the river module specifies one title particle, which will be instantiated once for each seat, with tags representing the seats' name, the title of the seats' currently focused view, and its current river "mode".

It also specifies a content template particle, which is instantiated once for all 32 river tags. This means you probably want to use a map particle to hide unused river tags.

TAGS (for the content particle)

idintRiver tag number
urgentboolTrue if the river tag has at least one urgent view.
visibleboolTrue if the river tag is focused by at least one output (i.e. visible on at least one monitor).
focusedboolTrue if the river tag is visible and has keyboard focus.
occupiedboolTrue if the river tag has views (i.e. windows).
statestringSet to urgent if urgent is true, focused if focused is true, unfocused if visible is true, but focused is false, or invisible if the river tag is not visible on any monitors.

TAGS (for the title particle)

seatstringThe name of the seat.
titlestringThe seat's focused view's title.
modestringThe seat's current mode (entered with e.g. riverctl enter-mode foobar).
layoutstringCurrent layout of the output currently focused by the seat.


titleparticlenoParticle that will be instantiated with the seat and title tags.
contentparticleyesTemplate particle that will be instantiated once for all of the 32 river tags.
all-monitorsboolnoWhen set to false (the default), tags reflect river tags and seats for the monitor yambar is on only. When set to true, tags reflect the union of all monitors.


      - river:
          title: {string: { text: "{seat} - {title} ({layout}/{mode})" }}
                ~occupied: {empty: {}}
                    margin: 5
                    text: "{id}: {state}"

See Also

yambar-modules(5), yambar-particles(5), yambar-tags(5), yambar-decorations(5)

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