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yambar - Man Page

configuration file


A yambar configuration file is a yaml formatted document containing an associative array named bar. You may define other top-level entities and reference them using anchors.

Besides the normal yaml types, there are a couple of yambar specific types that are frequently used:


heightintyesThe height of the bar, in pixels (not including border)
locationenumyesone of top or bottom
backgroundcoloryesBackground color
monitorstringnoMonitor to place the bar on. If not specified, the primary monitor will be used
layerstringnoLayer to put bar on. One of overlay, top, bottom or background. Wayland only. Default: bottom.
left-spacingintnoSpace, in pixels, added before each module
right-spacingintnoSpace, in pixels, added after each module
spacingintnoShort-hand for setting both left-spacing and right-spacing
left-marginintnoLeft-side margin, in pixels
right-marginintnoRight-side margin, in pixels
marginintnoShort-hand for setting both left-margin and right-margin
borderassociative arraynoConfigures the border around the status bar
border.left-widthintnoWidth of the border on the left side, in pixels
border.right-widthintnoWidth of the border on the right side, in pixels
border.top-widthintnoWidth of the border on the top side, in pixels
border.bottom-widthintnoWidth of the border on the bottom side, in pixels
border.widthintnoShort-hand for setting border.left/right/top/bottom-width
border.colorcolornoThe color of the border
border.left-marginintnoLeft-side margin, in pixels, from screen edge to bar
border.right-marginintnoRight-side margin, in pixels, from screen edge to bar
border.top-marginintnoTop margin, in pixels, from screen edge to bar
border.bottom-marginintnoBottom margin, in pixels, from screen edge to bar
border.marginintnoShort-hand for setting border.left/right/top/bottom-margin
fontfontnoDefault font to use in modules and particles. May also be a comma separated list of several fonts, in which case the first font is the primary font, and the rest fallback fonts. These are yambar custom fallback fonts that will be searched before the fontconfig provided fallback list.
font-shapingenumnoDefault setting for font-shaping, for use in particles. One of full or none. When set to full (the default), strings will be "shaped" using HarfBuzz. Requires support in fcft.
foregroundcolornoDefault foreground (text) color to use
trackpad-sensitivityintnoHow easy it is to trigger wheel-up and wheel-down on-click handlers. Higher values means you need to drag your finger a longer distance. The default is 30.
leftlistnoLeft-aligned modules (see yambar-modules(5))
centerlistnoCenter-aligned modules (see yambar-modules(5))
rightlistnoRight-aligned modules (see yambar-modules(5))


Top-oriented bar with a single, right-aligned, module: the clock, rendered as a simple string displaying only the time (not date).

    location: top
    height: 26
    background: 00000066

    - clock:
          - string: {text: "{time}"}


The configuration file is searched for (in this order):

See Also

yambar-modules(5), yambar-particles(5), yambar-tags(5), yambar-decorations(5)

Referenced By

yambar(1), yambar-decorations(5).