waybar-battery - Man Page

battery module


The battery module displays the current capacity and state (eg. charging) of your battery.


typeof: string
The battery to monitor, as in /sys/class/power_supply/ instead of auto detect.

typeof: string
The adapter to monitor, as in /sys/class/power_supply/ instead of auto detect.

typeof: integer
Define the max percentage of the battery, for when you've set the battery to stop charging at a lower level to save it. For example, if you've set the battery to stop at 80% that will become the new 100%.

typeof: bool
default: false
Option to use the battery design capacity instead of it's current maximal capacity.

typeof: integer
default: 60
The interval in which the information gets polled.

typeof: object
A number of battery states which get activated on certain capacity levels. See waybar-states(5).

typeof: string
default: {capacity}%
The format, how information should be displayed.

typeof: string
default: {H} h {M} min
The format, how the time should be displayed.

typeof: array/object
Based on the current capacity, the corresponding icon gets selected.
The order is low to high. Or by the state if it is an object.

typeof: integer
The maximum length in character the module should display.

typeof: integer
The minimum length in characters the module should take up.

typeof: float
The alignment of the text, where 0 is left-aligned and 1 is right-aligned. If the module is rotated, it will follow the flow of the text.

typeof: integer
Positive value to rotate the text label.

typeof: string
Command to execute when clicked on the module.

typeof: string
Command to execute when middle-clicked on the module using mousewheel.

typeof: string
Command to execute when you right clicked on the module.

typeof: string
Command to execute when the module is updated.

typeof: string
Command to execute when scrolling up on the module.

typeof: string
Command to execute when scrolling down on the module.

typeof: double
Threshold to be used when scrolling.

typeof: bool
default: true
Option to disable tooltip on hover.

Format Replacements

{capacity}: Capacity in percentage

{power}: Power in watts

{icon}: Icon, as defined in format-icons.

{time}: Estimate of time until full or empty. Note that this is based on the power draw at the last refresh time, not an average.

Time Format

The battery module allows you to define how time should be formatted via format-time.

The three arguments are: {H}: Hours {M}: Minutes {m}: Zero-padded minutes

Custom Formats

The battery module allows one to define custom formats based on up to two factors. The best fitting format will be selected.

format-<state>: With states, a custom format can be set depending on the capacity of your battery.

format-<status>: With the status, a custom format can be set depending on the status in /sys/class/power_supply/<bat>/status (in lowercase).

format-<status>-<state>: You can also set a custom format depending on both values.


  • Every entry (state) consists of a <name> (typeof: string) and a <value> (typeof: integer).
  • The state can be addressed as a CSS class in the style.css. The name of the CSS class is the <name> of the state. Each class gets activated when the current capacity is equal or below the configured <value>.
  • Also each state can have its own format. Those con be configured via format-<name>. Or if you want to differentiate a bit more even as format-<status>-<state>. For more information see custom-formats.


  "battery": {
  	"bat": "BAT2",
  	"interval": 60,
  	"states": {
  		"warning": 30,
  		"critical": 15
  	"format": "{capacity}% {icon}",
  	"format-icons": ["", "", "", "", ""],
  	"max-length": 25


  • #battery
  • #battery.<status>

    • <status> is the value of /sys/class/power_supply/<bat>/status in lowercase.
  • #battery.<state>

    • <state> can be defined in the config. For more information see states.
  • #battery.<status>.<state>

    • Combination of both <status> and <state>.

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