vitrc man page

vitrc — Configuration file for the vit(1) command




VIT obtains its configuration data from a file called .vitrc . This file must be located in the user's home directory.

Except for comments (lines starting with "#"), currently the only acceptable commands in .vitrc are map commands. They take the form




should represent a key or combination of keys, such as "a" or a <KEY-CODE> as listed below.


<KEY-SEQUENCE> is a sequence of <KEY>s to emulate. The result should be the same as if these keys were pressed manually by the user.

<KEY-CODE>s are strings that represent keys. The following may be used:
Function keys: <F1> <F2> <F3> <F4> <F5> <F6> <F7> <F8> <F9> <F10> <F11> <F12>

Navigation keys: <Home> <End> <PageUp> <PageDown> <Up> <Down> <Right> <Left>

Editing keys: <Insert> <Del> <Backspace> <Space> <Tab> <Return>

Modifier combinations: \ca for Ctrl + "a" combination.


External Commands

Note that for many of the examples, you need to have the appropriate extension installed and in your PATH. Recall that after :! a 'w' means that VIT should "wait". This allows another command to take over (e.g. Vim when you're editing a task) and for you to see the output of a command. After :! a 'r' means that VIT should reread your list of tasks. This should be used when your external command changes the task data.

map \cn=:!wr tasknote %TASKID<Return>

When Ctrl + n is pressed, runs the command 'tasknote <ID>', where <ID> is the ID of the task that is currently selected in VIT.

map c=:! task %TASKID rc.defaultwidth:200 | grep -o -P -m 1 (ftp|http)s?://\S* | tr -d '0 | xsel -b<Return>

Copies the first link it finds to the clipboard.

map Z=:!rw echo Changing due date0; task %TASKID modify due:$(read -p  How many days?  DAYS; echo $DAYS)days<Return>

Asks you for input and then changes the due date of the selected task to NOW plus that many days.

map <Left>=:!wr task $(task _get %TASKID.parent) edit<Return>

When the left arrow key is pressed, edits the parent of a recurring task (do not use on non-recurring task).

Internal Commands

map Q=

Disables whatever the Q key is bound to internally in VIT, which is a quick quit.

Credits & Copyrights

Copyright (C) 2012 - 2013, Steve Rader
Copyright (C) 2013 - 2014, Scott Kostyshak

VIT is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later version. See for more information.

See Also

vit(1) taskrc(1)

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The official site at


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Bugs in VIT may be reported to the issue-tracker at


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